Today is like I took a break from being a christian. Im so confused about so many things. I want to make sure I base my life off of something true. I hope I can trust God. I don’t want to spend my whole life believing in jesus only to die and find out I was wrong. So I’m struggling. I find myself still clinging to the bible and it’s teaching. Trying to serve others and be kind and helpful, but I’m not talking to God. I’m praising him when something good happens, but I still have unconfessed sins from hours and hours ago I keep putting off repenting for. Thinking about praying makes me uncomfortable. So it has me wondering if I’m pushing things too far. Or taking advantage of his grace.

5 thoughts on “Wondering…

  1. I am praying for you on your journey with God! In my journey, I have found Jesus and God to be trustworthy. Though I understand your concern and it’s important for you to wrestle through this.

    I wrote a post about a month ago about the importance of wrestling with God. Here is a quote from it… “If we’re honest with ourselves, God isn’t always who we want him to be. He doesn’t always do things the way we wish he would. He doesn’t always see the world the way we wish he did (which happens to be the way we see it). He can appear stubborn and intractable. That’s true in the pages of the Bible, and it’s true in our lives. When we bump into something about God that makes us uncomfortable, we have a choice. We can ignore it or we can wrestle.”

    By the way, I often find the times I want to pray the least are the times I should pray the most! Though it is tough to do.

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